100 Small Scale Business In Nigeria; Your 2020 A-List

100 Small Scale Business In Nigeria; Your 2020 A-Lists

Okay, this is going to be a very long post so I won’t be so much of a chitty chatty. On this page, I will just go to the point and give you a brief introduction to the most profitable 100 small scale businesses in Nigeria. Yes, one hundred. Whichever picks your interest, you can tell me in the comment box to write a complete guide on how to get started and running. So, without much ado, let’s get started with small scale business number 1…


Business 1; Frozen Food Business In Nigeria

Frozen Food Business In Nigeria

You should read this Vanguard story to know how profitable it is to start a frozen food store. Like Mr. David Ariza who started with 50k and makes 80k monthly in Lagos, you too can start your frozen food business in whichever state you are in Nigeria to start living the life of a bossman. Though, unlike David Ariza who started when the required pieces of startup equipment were cheap, starting up a frozen food business as of when this article was written will cost you 87k to 1million-plus capital.


Business 2; Cement Business In Nigeria

Cement Business In Nigeria

There are multiple business opportunities in the cement industry. One of them is that you become a distributor for a manufacturer like Dangote. You’ll be distributing to contractors and retail stores. Another is cement sales and retails. Here, you have a small store of your own where you sell unit bags of cement to mostly those handymen or contractors who are into home repair.


Business 3; Rental Services

Rental Services

Is the rental business profitable? The answer depends on your location. The cities where rental service providers tend to strive most are Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, and the likes. As long as you don’t have many competitors in the same business as you in your area, you can make more than 40k every weekend (why do Nigerians fix all the owanbes on the weekends, really?). Though you should do your research or use the comment box to ask me to write a complete guide on the rental service business, some of the startup equipment you need are; canopies, tables, and chairs).


Business 4; Quail Bird Farming In Nigeria

Quail Bird Farming In Nigeria

Other than being able to sell them for their meats, you can also rear quail birds for their eggs. Besides, quail eggs have a special market and the price is usually higher than that of the normal eggs. What’s great? You can start your quail bird farming business in Nigeria with as low as 20k and earn 50% of your investment every month.


Business 5; Become A Mobile Food Vendor

Become A Mobile Food Vendor

There is more than 30 food vending business in Nigeria. Mobile food vending as a whole is one small scale business in Nigeria that you can either start big or small depending on your capital. To start small, you’ll need a food truck to push your mobile restaurant around and the whole expenses usually range between 80k and 120k.


Business 6; Mobile Phone Sales And Repairs

Mobile Phone Sales And Repairs

The average Nigerian repairs his mobile phone more than 10 times in a year. If you already know how to repair phones and other communication gadgets, you start your phone repair business for as low as 40k. All you need is an open kiosk, a toolbox, and some other phone repair materials. As time goes on and you save money, you can include phone and phone accessories sales in the services you render. Also know that you can learn the ropes of phone repairs if you are yet a novice. Just connect with an expert that is ready to teach you. They don’t charge much. Some won’t even charge you at all.


Business 7; Computer Training Center

Computer Training Center

Information communication technology is a big thing for Millennials. Without the internet, there can be no education, business, politics, and news the way they are today. The need to learn how to live the digital life continues to increase no matter how much computer training centers are in existence today. All you need to get started with your computer training center are two laptops, a power generator, a business space, cooling fans, and you’re ready to start reeling them in.


Business 8; Computer Repairs And Accessories

Computer Repairs And Accessories

Computers have been around for decades. Even with that, Nigeria is yet to have a standard industry of Nigeria-developed computers. And as most of the laptops we use here are used ones imported from overseas, our computers fault out more frequently so much that an average freelancer spends 15% of his monthly income on repairing a computer and purchasing computer accessories. So, yes, selling computer accessories and repairing computers is a lucrative small-scale business in Nigeria.


Business 9; Food Processing In Nigeria

Computer Repairs And Accessories

Flash news, there are over 50 best food processing business ideas in Nigeria 2020. Some are capital intensive while you will also find a long list of small scale food processing businesses in Nigeria. Just remember to do your feasibility studies and write a ground solid business plan before starting. Know your strength, weakness, opportunities, and strength. Know your competitors and choose your location wisely.


Business 10; Catering Services

Catering Services

Owanbes never end in Nigeria. Other than offering catering services to marriage planners, burial ceremonies, birthdays, and so on, you can also become the caterer for night parties and nightclubs who don’t have a kitchen of their own. The great thing about the catering services provider is that you don’t need 100years of experience. You can always employ the help of experts on a hire-fire basis whenever needed.


Business 11; Sachet And Bottled Water Production

Sachet And Bottled Water Production

Water is the most consumed liquid, not only in Nigeria but around the world. And it makes sense when one gives the fact that 75% of the human body is made of water a thought. In an industry like this with a lot of opportunities, you can get in without having to combat so many competitors. Also, you can start big or small.


Business 12; Cooking Gas Sales

Cooking Gas Sales

Gas is the new petroleum of Nigeria today. One can notice a huge shift from the use of stoves to gas and electric cookers in the kitchens. So, the need for gas is ever increasing. To tap into this business opportunity, you can start with as low as 60k. Yes, I mean 60, 000naira. I’ll be writing a complete guide on how to start your cooking gas sales store very soon.


Business 13; Exportation


If you have ever had to engage in a talk in a dinner party and the center of discussion was how grim the Nigerian economy is and how much we depend on imported products, you most are likely to yield to the popular opinion. But the thing is, there are more than 50 hot-selling things to export from Nigeria. Your line of products would be determined by your capital size, your business location, and the market you’re sure to thrive in.


Business 14; Livestock Farming

Livestock Farming

Livestock farming is one of the most popular branches of agriculture, a multimillion-dollar industry that contributes greatly to the yearly GDP of Nigeria and other African countries. And the great thing is, there are tens of livestock farming investment opportunities that you can get started right away.


Business 15; Mini-importation


The other day I wrote a list of high yield investment business opportunities in Nigeria and mini-importation made that list. Yes, while being a small scale business that you can start with as low as 10k-20k, the monthly return on this business is 200% on average. Yes, you read that right. You may want to check that article on the last link above where I give out the complete walkthrough on this business.


Business 16; Poultry Farming

Poultry Farming

Poultry will always be a viable business in Nigeria and around the world as long as vegans are yet to colonize the world (sorry not sorry). According to an assessment of the Nigerian poultry sector, more than 3million MT worth of poultry meat was imported into Nigeria from 2009 to 2011. And the demand for poultry products continues to increase week-in-week-out.


Business 17; Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing

Now, this is one of the zero-capital businesses you can kick-start with. If you have a passion for writing and you’re in need of whether a full-time job or a part-time job as a freelance writer, it’s pretty easy. Though developing a website to promote your freelance writing services doesn’t cost much, you can promote and expose yourself on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. You can also sign up as a freelance writer on content mill platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Contently, or on Freelancer.


Business 18; Social Media Marketing

Freelance Writing

If you’d rather work from the screen of your mobile phone or your Pc, this is a sure-fire way to turn your social media handles to money-generating machines. You’ll be helping businesses to market their products on your timeline or your pages or groups and get paid either per post you write or per product sold through your timeline.


Business 19; Used Car Sales

Used Car Sales

Selling used cars is a big business and may not seem reasonable to call it a small scale business at first thought. But on checking sites like carused.jp, you’ll find used clean cars available for sale in Japan under $1000 which is #383, 000 on conversion as at when this article was written. So, suppose you buy just two cars for #766, 000 and you spend an estimate of #700, 000 on shipping each of the cars, and the average you can sell a Japanese car in Nigeria is #2million, that means you’ll be making almost #1million on each car sold.


Business 20; Blogging


Starting your own blog this year can be the biggest step you’ll take this year toward your financial breakthrough. An average blog costs 10k to develop and you can always employ the help of freelance writers to write your posts for you (though I write all my pages by myself). Once you have content on your blog, there are more than 30 proven ways to make money blogging online with WordPress.


Business 21; Recruitment Agency

Recruitment Agency

The level of unemployment in Nigeria continues to rise year after year. And while others keep blaming the governments, smart Nigerians like you are here on Henrisoul looking for the best small scale business in Nigeria to invest in. Why not then become a recruitment agency who helps to reduce unemployment and makes a lot of money doing so?


Business 22; Scrap Metal Sales

Scrap Metal Sales

According to an Interview with Julius Friday Joseph who began as an apprentice for 5 years, scrap metal selling is a lucrative business. Julius, like many other successful scrap metal dealers in Nigeria, started his own business with the money earned and saved up during his internship, and in just 5years of being his own boss, Julius Friday Joseph was able to buy his first piece of land in Lagos. An achievement that many white-collar jobbers still have under process. One thing to know for sure though, this is a physically challenging business only for those who are willing to get their hand dirty literally to make real money.


Business 23; Uniform Making Factory

Uniform Making Factory

School uniforms, customized embroidery, hotel uniforms, factory wears, infant uniforms, and so much more. The number of niches in this industry is endless. You just have to find out what area you should specialize in.


Business 24; Firewood And Charcoal Resale

Firewood And Charcoal Resale

While it is glaringly obvious that there has been a huge shift to cooking with gas and electricity in today’s world, firewoods and charcoals are still very much in use as fuel for cooking. As a retailer, your potential customers include bakeries, factory owners, goldsmiths, event cooks, and so on. You just need enough connections to these people to get your business busy and prosperous.


Business 25; Haulage And logistics

Haulage And logistics

I am definitely writing a special complete guide on how to start a haulage and logistics business in Nigeria very soon even if none of you guys ask for it in the comment box below. Why? Well, wait until then.


Business 26; Online Marketing

Online Marketing

About 547, 200 websites are created every day. A large percentage of these websites are owned by offline businesses that are just digitizing their businesses. There is a lot of work needed to be done by businesses like that. From creating brand awareness to marketing their services and products and everything in-between. By implication, this means that you have a lot of businesses coming your way every day as an online marketer.


Business 27; Daycare Centre/Créche

Daycare Centre/Créche

In busy cities like Lagos, Abuja, and Ibadan, most parents are taken by their jobs so much that it becomes impossible to take care of their babies during the day. But thanks to the help of daycare centers, that is no longer a problem. Starting a daycare center in Nigeria is not as difficult as it is in developed countries like the United States where you will have to go through a great deal of legal procedures before starting operation.


Business 28; Bulk SMS Service

Bulk SMS Service

Here is the kicker. Rendering bulk SMS service as a business is one of the best small scale businesses in Nigeria that you can start with a small size capital of 3k. Yes, I mean #3000. And you can earn #500, 000 on a monthly basis if you’re serious with it at all.


Business 29; Ready-To-Wear Clothing

Ready-To-Wear Clothing

Fashion never stops. You can almost trace it to the time of Adam and Eve in the garden. But while all they could think of was clothes made out of leaves, the bigger brain of the present generation has brought about the invention of marvelous dresses. And if you are creative at all and can meet up with the latest fashion dress, starting your own line of ready-made clothes is a good business to start this year.


Business 30; Transportation


You don’t essentially have to be a drive to start your own transportation business as long as you have the money to buy the needed vehicle and hire a diver to navigate your routes. You may also rent out your car to drivers and get paid every day (this requires intelligence as most drivers who rent your car will be nonchalant about maintenance).


Business 31; Waste Management Services

Waste Management Services

Here in my area, we pay #10, 000 per house every month to our waste manager. With over 200 houses in my area, the waste manager gets paid #2million every month. Yes, you read that right. All you have to do is acquire a landfill where the wastes will be burnt, a team of waste collectors, and one or two or more trucks for waste transportation from houses to your landfill.


Business 32; Sports Betting Agency

Sports Betting Agency

Almost every Nigerian youth invest in sports betting. You can see them in different betting vendors everywhere. It is a business borne out of a passion for sports, football most especially. To become a sports betting agency on a small scale, a starting capital of 100k will do.


Business 33; Sports Viewing Centers

Sports Viewing Centers

Regardless of where you are in the world, you can always feel the sports spirit, the great investments in sports by both the private sectors and the government, and the love for football especially. Everybody has a sense of belonging to a football team. This sense is fueled by a likeness that is expressed in supports in various forms. One of those various support forms is dedicating the time to never miss out on your team’s matches. These match viewings are best enjoyed in a viewing center which you can start your own today to start collecting #100 per viewer.


Business 34; Animal Feed Production

Animal Feed Production

Forget about those big-big poultry factories if you don’t have a big capital that will make you a distributor of animal feed production, you can sell your little produce to the home-based bird raisers and still make money. Everything is all about making the right decisions, being responsible to yourself, and taking actions.


Business 35; Pet Breeding

Pet Breeding

One of the most breed pets in Nigeria right now is the rabbit. Fondly called bunnies, rabbits are cute, intelligent, and will make a good companion to anybody who can relate. By the way, I have two White Newzealand pet rabbits of my own, Berry and Jerry. And they are doing fine. Just like me, pet owners are emotionally and psychologically connected with pets and they are always ready to go to any length when it comes to pets/pets maintenance. You can start selling pets online and offline for as low as 50k.


Business 36; Security Gadget Sales

Recharge Card Printing And Sales

Stores, homes, hotels, hospitals, churches, hostels, mosques, and almost every building around the world have security devices like CCTV cameras hung around them. In cities with high crime rates like Abuja and Lagos, selling security gadgets is a real business.


Business 37; Recharge Card Printing And Sales

Recharge Card Printing And Sales

Though the minimum required capital to start a recharge card printing business in Nigeria is #1million, if anybody who is low on funds can start with recharge card reselling with a capital of 5k-10k. On average, recharge card retails make #5 per #100 worth of recharge card sold.


Business 38; Software And Games Development

Software And Games Development

Are you techy? Programmers are the kings, queens, and the elites of the geographical landscape of the digital world. If you don’t know how to program but still want to tap into the opportunities in software and game development, you can learn it. If you already have the skills and experience, you can start designing, selling, or getting paid by whoever downloads your games or software.


Business 39; Ethanol Production In Nigeria

Ethanol Production In Nigeria

The United States of America is the biggest ethanol producer in the world. It is closely followed by Brazil and some other countries. The thing is, ethanol is a high demand by-product of sugar cane, corn, cassava, and some fruits when they over-ripe. Ethanol has an almost endless list of applications, especially in the medical field and the engineering field.


Business 40; Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services

The need for cleaning services in hospitals, hostels, hotels, offices, churches, and so on will continue to increase as long as the human population doesn’t stop increasing the number of buildings erected every day. Start your own cleaning service today to start making #98, 400 on average every month.


Business 41; Weight Loss Consultancy

Weight Loss Consultancy

Being a fat person can mean a lot of hard work. The odd feeling of all-eyes-on-me apart, dragging those extra kilos around all day can bring about both physical and emotional limitations. So, it makes sense that there is a demand for weight-loss programs, drugs, and recipes. Become a weight-loss consultant today to start getting paid for helping people lose weight.


Business 42; Jewelry Making

Jewelry Making

Fashion is never complete without jewelry. It’s an ancient adornment that never fades. In fact, the Nigerian jewelry market generates more than #70million every year. And it’s just about a #200, 000 starting capital needed for anyone to tap into the vast opportunities in this big industry.


Business 43; Art Gallery

Art Gallery

Whether you’re a trained artist or a talented one, kicking up your own art gallery can be profiting. Once you have your gallery positioned in a busy urban area, in the city most preferably, your art pieces will advertise themselves once displayed.


Business 44; Photography And Videography

Photography And Videography

The other day, I wrote an article for a client of mine (yes, I do freelance content writing works). It was a seriously deep article that opened my eyes to the photography and videography business. Basically, there are 12 types of photographers. You can be a food photographer, events photographer, fashion photographer, sports photographer, animal photographer, or whatever that suits your lifestyle and picks your interest.


Business 45; Travel Agency

Travel Agency

It’s okay if you think you can’t raise the starting capital to be a travel agent or the characteristics of a good travel agent. You can start with an internship to learn the ropes from a professional travel agent before starting out.


Business 46; Magazine Publication

Travel Agency

Gone are the days when magazine publication was something only possible on paper. Today, there are hundreds of online magazines that are selling far more than paper magazines. Just set up your online presence, pick an area of interest, and get started. Action speaks.


Business 47; Natural Fruit Juice Production

Natural Fruit Juice Production

The consumption of fruit juice in Nigeria was recorded at 468.5million liters in 2011 alone. With this statistic alone, it’s no brainer that the natural fruit juice industry is one of the biggest sub-domains of the beverage industry.


Business 48; Monogramming And Branding Business

Monogramming And Branding Business

If you know how to help businesses communicate their brands through the creation of monograms, this is for you.


Business 49; Ice Cream Production

Ice Cream Production

Do you know? You can start an ice cream production business with just #50k if you know how to make irresistible ice creams that your target audience will love.


Business 50; Building Blocks Production

Building Blocks Production

This is one of the subdomains of the construction materials industry. Though it is hard to establish a hard and fast rule as per the required startup capital for anyone looking to own a building blocks production business. Nevertheless, there is a report of successful blocks production entrepreneurs who started with an investment size of #50k and less.


Business 51; Personal Fitness Instructor

Personal Fitness Instructor

Note that this is different from being a weight-loss instructor. As a personal fitness instructor, you’ll be invited over into homes or offices to help people living in homes and workers in offices to become more healthy.


Business 52; Biscuit Production

Biscuit Production

Biscuits, like garri, have been saving lives for decades. Millions of cartons from hundreds of brands are consumed every day around the world. If you have a reasonable capital, you might as well start your own biscuit production business right now.


Business 53; Day Spa

Biscuit Production

It all started with women smashing moisturize charcoal on their faces and placing sliced cucumber on their eye sockets. But by 2022, the spa industry is set to grow into a net worth of $128billion. 


Business 54; Printing And Book Production

 Printing And Book Production

During the first invention of electronic books and the first big wave of their adoption into the educational system, one would think that printed books would be pushed into extinction just like dinosaurs. In 2018, the printing market was set to top $980billion. Who doesn’t want to tap into a huge market like this?


Business 55; Hairdressing Salon

Hairdressing SalonHairdressing Salon

Gone are the days when hairdressing was a gender-specific job. Today, when you look at the various saloons around, you will find a mixture of males and females. The thing is the craft is easy to learn as long as you give it your attention, whether a male or a female. And with your salon spot situated in a busy area, whether urban or rural, you will make money.


Business 56; Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the Millenial’s passive income machine. The business idea is all about helping others sell their products online and earning a commission. You don’t have to possess the products or services. You’ll only be given affiliate links to the products you want to promote. Most partners will only allow you to promote on a website that you own while others let you use any platform you so wish, it may even be your Facebook timeline, to promote the products.


Business 57; Selling honey

Selling honey

The Nigerian bee-keeping industry was projected to reach $10billion if more investors, both private and government, come in. in other words, this is a high-profitability business with low competition. What’s great? You can start your own honey-selling business with as low as #27, 000.


Business 58; Fruits Sales

Fruits Sales

If you don’t mind the busy life of the market, this may be a great investment for you this year. Once you locate a close-by farm where you can buy fruits in bulk at a lower price, you can start bringing them to your small shop in the market to start selling in units.


Business 59; Nail Studio

Nail Studio

Just like the hairdressing salon business, opening up a nail studio doesn’t require that you are a female. Anybody can start in as much as they have the capital and are skilled. Even if you’re not a skilled pedicurist, you can employ some experts and pay them a monthly salary.


Business 60; Private Library Services

Private Library Services

No, you don’t have to erect a library facility to get started. Especially if you are a great reader with cartons of books under your bed or stacked up on your bookshelves, you can start making money off of those read books by renting them out to the neighborhood at a price.


Business 61; Business Broker

Business Broker

As a business broker, your duty is to help buyers find dependable sellers and help sellers find long-lasting buyers. You must be equipped with good communication skills and must be able to connect with people on a deeper level. On every buyer you bring to the company you’re bringing buyers to, you earn a 10% commission.


Business 62; Resume Writing

Resume Writing

Getting a job online is the present day’s way of working for a living (Note; working for a living). Regardless of what platform you’re using to get jobs online, what your potential employer will first ask of you is your resume and your work samples. With a creatively-written resume that shows how qualified for the job, your chances for employment are high. That is exactly why thousands of online job finders will pay you hundreds in dollars to help them craft job-winning resumes.


Business 63; Car Wash And Detailing Services

Car Wash And Detailing Services

Starting a standard car wash business in Nigeria requires a budget between #200, 000 and #500, 000. Evidently, most carwash business holders make an average of #300, 000 income every month especially in Cities like Lagos.


Business 64; Dating Service

Dating Service

This may sound odd but people do pay other people for dating tips, advice, and connections. You can launch your dating site on WordPress right now to start earning in multiple ways.


Business 65; Video Game Center

Video Game Center

Forget the fact that people often have Playstations in their homes, the excitement of playing with friends in a game center is compared to none. It’s just like opening a viewing center. Though almost all Nigerians have the required viewing sets at home (from decoders, TV’s, power generator, and all), watching football matches in a viewing center is more valued.


Business 66; Art Brokerage

Art Brokerage

Remember where I mentioned opening up your own gallery studio. So, suppose you don’t have the talent of an artist and neither do you have the capital to open up a gallery, you may opt for being an art brokerage who gets paid to help artists find art buyers.


Business 67; Stock Photography

Stock Photography

For all ye who hung cameras around their necks, taking pictures of the most scenic moments and places, this is for you. You don’t essentially need to open up a shop or even have a website, there tens of online platforms ready to buy your pictures in dollars once you sign up for free.


Business 68; Pharmaceuticals


The pharmaceuticals are a massively rich industry with over one thousand kinds of drugs produced every day. And while you may not have access to huge startup funds, get a shop to start selling drugs in your street.


Business 69; Online Health Food Store

Online Health Food Store

Every human being on earth wants to get better psychologically, physically, financially, and ultimately emotionally. Targeting an audience that cares so much about its health, start selling health foods to start making your own money.


Business 70; Make-Up Artist

Make-Up Artist

Get paid to help people look beautiful for all their outings. You can also employ expert make-up artists to stay in charge of attending to your customers if you’re not experienced in this line of investment.


Business 71; Laundry Service

Laundry Service

While rendering laundering services is a venture that can be profitable anywhere, the best place to establish yourself for real financial growth is in the urban environment.


Business 72; Virtual Assistance

Virtual Assistance

As a virtual assistant, you’re self-employed, rendering help to businesses over the distance. Your services will include managing email accounts, making phone calls, scheduling appointments, managing email accounts, and making travel arrangements. Note, the services rendered by a virtual assistant is not limited to the aforementioned.


Business 73; Mail-order Business

Mail-order Business

The invention of electronic mails such as Google mail has created various business opportunities and multiple marketing strategies. As a mail-order director, your job is to help businesses to connect their products with an email audience. Your rate per mail, that is how much you get paid per mail, will be negotiated between you and the business.


Business 74; Car Rentals

Car Rentals

Uber, Taxify, and just name a number of powerful platforms that have gotten rise from the car rental industry. And while you may not have the billion-dollar capital to become the next Uber, you can start small by either partnering with Uber or renting out your own personal car whenever it’s not in use.


Business 75; Pest Control Service

Pest Control Service

Before starting a pest control service in your area, find out the number of companies already operating in that subject area by making the search “pest control service in (insert city name)”. This is a profitable business but more profitable where there are fewer competitions.


Business 76; Nanny Agency

Nanny Agency

If you’re connected with people who are looking for housemaids and people who have past records of working as housemaids that are ready for the same kind of job, start a nanny agency.


Business 77; Antique Furniture Sales

Antique Furniture Sales

Note the word “sales”. It’s not required that you are the furniture maker. In fact, most of the successful investors in this business are those who ship in the furniture from China or Japan to sell it here in Nigeria.


Business 78; Ice Block Production

Antique Furniture Sales

Ice block production can be started in a small shop with a standard used freezer (Tokunbo), a power generator, and nothing. And the best place to start is in an environment where the power supply is poor. Residences in that area will be in high demand for your ice blocks.


Business 79; Night Club And Restaurant

Night Club And Restaurant

Though this is quite capital intensive and may not be considered small-scale, the profits in opening up a nightclub or a restaurant are impressive.


Business 80; Solar Energy Sales And Installation

Solar Energy Sales And Installation

Due to the poor power supply in most environs in Nigeria, people are now leaning toward other means of powering up their home and business appliances. One of those other means is solar energy. But beyond merely selling solar panels and its accessories, you can also render installation services.


Business 81; Podcasts


Yay! Thanks to the new development in technology and the advancement of the internet world, anybody can own a digital radio station without spending more than #10k. This is called podcasting. And the good thing is, there are tens of ways to monetize your podcast.


Business 82; Virtual Call Center

Virtual Call Center

This is one of the branches of the virtual assistance business. Here, you’ll be helping businesses to answer queries, questions, and inquiries from their customers. A part of your job is to also transfer customers to the sales rep of that business.


Business 83; Oil Palm Plantation

Oil Palm Plantation

There are multiple ways to invest in the oil palm industry. You don’t essentially need to acquire a plantation or an oil-making factory.


Business 84; SEO Consultant

SEO Consultant

My experience as an SEO agency has been good all the way. SEO means search engine optimization. As an agent, you’ll be helping websites, blogs, stores, and businesses to become more visible on the search engines.


Business 85; Wine Production

Wine Production

For all those who have the funds, producing wine for distribution and sales is one of the most viable businesses in the world. But you must have a strong marketing and brand awareness strategy in place.


Business 86; Gift Basket Sales

Gift Basket Slaes

Make gifting easy for people by selling baskets of gifts. Though people buy gifts every day either to celebrate a birthday, mark the opening of a new business facility, the opening of a new home, and so forth. The time when sales will be seriously high is during festive periods like Christmas and New Year.


Business 87; Funeral Arrangement Company

Funeral Arrangement Company

Provide help to people who have just lost a loved one by managing their funeral processes.


Business 88; Personal Shopper And Erand Person

Personal Shopper And Erand Person

Set up your online presence either through a blog or a social media page or anything in-between to start rendering errand services to people at a price. You are in charge of the kinds of services you will be rendering. You can just be a shopper or help people secure that their car is repaired.


Business 89; Sports Collectible Store

Sports Collectible Store

Kick a new store to life in your area to start selling store collectibles. This is a business you can start with #50, 000 in capital.


Business 90; Disc Jockey

Disc Jockey

Do you mostly find yourself in charge of music during a festive and people love your mixing prowess? Why not convert your talent to money by becoming a full-time DJ?


Business 91; Security Gadget Installation

Security Gadget Installation

Install security gadgets for those who have just bought theirs and get paid for it. Note; as simple as this may sound, it is required that you learn the ropes of security gadget installation from an established expert before starting out.


Business 92; House Painting

House Painting

Even if you don’t have all it takes to become a standard house painter, you can start by offering repainting services to people who are looking to repaint their offices and homes.


Business 93; Online Clothing Store

Online Clothing Store

With the WordPress WooCommerce package, you can own an online clothing store of your own today.


Business 94; Facility Management Service

Facility Management Service

If there are some systems that you seriously know how to optimize and make work more efficiently than a regular worker can, you can become a facility manager for several businesses around you.


Business 95; Modeling And Event Ushering

 Modeling And Event Ushering

Nigerians are now giving special care to their events. And that has lead to the birth of different business opportunities such as event ushering. As an event usher, your job is to take charge of the managerial conduct of whatever event you’re hired for.


Business 96; Appliance Repair Service

Appliance Repair Service

Microwaves, torch lights, lamps, radios, and just name all the basic home appliances that Nigerians repair often. If you are an expert in repairing these things, you should start making money off of it.


Business 97; PR Agent

PR Agent

If you have good communication skills, becoming a PR agent means that you will help businesses to produce, conceive, and manage unpaid messages to the public for a fee.


Business 98; Automobile Repair

Automobile Repair

Commonly called mechanics, automobile repair shops are run by automobile engineers who have their shops located in the most navigated areas and are paid on the spot for their repair services.


Business 99; Blog Flipping

Blog Flipping

This is called the internet real estate. Building and selling blogs and websites to interested buyers. The great thing is, there are always interested buyers available to buy from you as long as you have a blog or website to sell.


Business 100; Carpenter


The last on the list is carpentry. Get hired to repair broken doors, windows, and other wooden structures.



So far, I have highlighted 100 small-scale business in Nigeria that absolutely anybody can invest in. Like I mentioned in the article, use the comment box to tell me which of these businesses you are interested in and I will provide you with the complete guide on how to get started.

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