9mobile Night Plan; Everything You Need To Know


Yay! 9mobile night plan! When it comes to choosing a telecommunication brand, data rates are any user’s first consideration. Especially in a society deeply wedged in the use of the internet like ours. The choice is usually based on the efficiency, affordability, offers, and special bonuses of the better brand. 

Specific plans happen to be different from the regular monthly, weekly, and even daily plans. These plans are usually weekend plans and nightly plans.



DATA is very essential either for professional and business purposes or for some juicy services that bring self-satisfaction. That explains the innate craving and yearning for data renewal immediately it finishes and I am positive you can relate. From data bonuses to data sharing and even to specific plans, we just require more because data is life.




Anatomy of the 9mobile night plan will be properly done in this article and frequently asked questions such as,


    • Which Network Offers Best Night Plan?
    • Does 9mobile have night plan?
    • How can I buy a night plan on Etisalat?
    • How can I get free night data on 9mobile?
    • What is the code for Etisalat night plan?
  • 9mobile night plan for 100 nairas,
  •  Etisalat night plan for 50 naira, 
  • Etisalat night plan cheat code, 
  • how to check Etisalat night plan balance


 Will be answered and explained thoroughly.




Purchasing data from 9mobile is relatively easy. You could either buy online at www.9mobile.com.ng, for users of PCs (personal computers) or dial *229*2*8#, or even send a text message – AND2 – to 229.

The cheapest and shortest data plan is 10MB for #50 with a duration of 1 day. There are myriads of data plans and choices ranging from that amount to huge prices.


Nightly plans are fast becoming a sensation among internet users. Many users opt for them because it is usually cheaper and affordable and perfect for huge downloads. It is beneficial and faster than the actual data plan for both dealers and consumers. Telecommunication brands each provide their own.

 Alongside other network-providers, 9mobile also provides a night plan too. It is called the 9mobile night plan or Etisalat midnight sub. 


Because the Etisalat night plan seems quite cheap and affordable, many people opt for the offers to do some night browsing. What can be done with the 9mobile night plan? Files and documents containing games, movies, songs, and the likes are better to download with 9mobile night plan, due to its affordability and fast network service. It is easier to watch and download that movie on YouTube, Netflix. Social media platforms are best surfed with the 9mobile night bundle. The best part of it is that you can access anything that has to do with the internet without any form of interruption or being hindered!

This is the reason 9mobile data plan is the best for these purposes, you should consider it for every night browsing service you desire.



Etisalat Night plan usually runs from 12 AM to 5 AM with speedy network connectivity. That is, it gets activated and all services begin to work at midnight, then stops at exactly 5 am. It is practically impossible to use an Etisalat night bundle during the day. It is specifically for the night.

If you would have to consider this plan, then perhaps you need some determination and a well-charged phone to stay awake to get your work done, and to enjoy Etisalat night browsing services. Yes, little or no sleep.

The weekend plan runs from 7 pm – 7 am.



Etisalat night bundle takes up #200 for 1GB at once. This is suitable to download files and documents with movies, songs and pictures, enjoy all social media, YouTube and Netflix services. As stated above, it runs from 12 am to 5 am, so it expires after 5 am. All internet services will stop immediately at 5 am clocks.

 For this package, the code is *229*3*11#, then enter OK.  You could also consider buying it online at www.9mobile.com.ng if you are using a laptop or desktop. This is 9mobile’s official website address.



Although there is an alternative to Etisalat night browsing – 9mobile weekend plan – it is preferable to opt for the Etisalat night bundle. It is cheaper.

The 9mobile night plan is easier and accessible, but it is important to remind you that it works on the EasyCliq tariff, just as other network providers have a specific tariff plan that their night data roots from. Just follow the procedures to activate your Etisalat night bundle.

An alternative to the 1GB plan, you could also consider either Etisalat night plan for #50 or 9mobile night plan for #100. It depends on you. The procedures to activate these bundles are explained below. Read on.



To use 9mobile night plan for 50 naira, it depends on the current amount on your phone. It is easier especially when you have very little airtime at hand. For large scale data, the #200 for 1GB night plan is preferable. However, for those with less than #200 airtime, there is an alternative plan.

 9mobile night plan for 50 naira comes at 250MB.

To sub Etisalat night plan or Etisalat night plan for #50, dial *229*2*10# and enjoy your Etisalat night bundle!


This is double for the previous night data plan, and a half for the biggest night data plan. This is also preferable when you have less than #200, even when it is impossible to get 1GB. You can only get half of it.

How to sub Etisalat night plan for #100? Instead of dialing the code for the #50 code twice, you could dial *229*10*10# to get this night data service.

 This plan offers 500MB for #100 within the same 12 AM – 5 AM time frame.


Sometimes, while listening or watching a movie or song or while enjoying an internet service, your data hangs suddenly. Oops! Is it a call to check your 9mobile night plan balance? 

How do you view your Etisalat night plan balance then? Dial *228# to view your night plan balance. Or text Bal to 228. If you need to refill, you can reactivate your previous Etisalat night bundle by dialing the night browsing code.


After subscribing for the night plan once, it may get auto-renewed, in other words, it could be reactivated by itself the next day or time you had subscribed initially. It could be frustrating, especially when you have better plans for your Etisalat night browsing. 

You can deactivate your Etisalat night plan simply by following these steps:

Dial *229*0# to deactivate your Etisalat night bundle. You could also text STOP to 229.


There is always a cheat code for almost every service provided by network-providers, such that you can get such services either for free or at an optimally lower price. 

Although some of these services can be harnessed through cheat codes, it is NOT possible to get a 9mobile night plan cheat code, talk less of using it. The plan is accessible enough; if you can’t afford the #200 night plan, then it’s possible and quite cheaper to harness the night plan for #100 or even 9mobile night plan for#50. It just takes either #100 or #50, instead of using a cheat code. The data bundles for the specified amounts differ though.



Which Network Offers Best Night Plan?

Etisalat and Airtel do offer the best night plans at a relative range. 


Does 9mobile have night plan?

Yes, 9mobile has a night plan. It is affordable and there is a plan for everyone.


How can I buy a night plan on Etisalat?

You can do this by dialling a USSD of *229# or sending a text message to 229 or using the website.


How can I get free night data on 9mobile?

This is impossible except the network themself give you a bonus or special offers.


What is the code for Etisalat night plan?

To sub for the night plan, the code is simply *229*3#, *229*10#, *229*2*10#!



Etisalat night browsing guarantees optimal satisfaction. All you need is your powered phone and the discipline and determination to stay awake at the midnight, anytime from 12 are to 5 am to do some justice to the internet via the 9mobile night browsing plans.

With these juicy plans, it already seems as though the world revolves around 9mobile night browsing! Be assured to get the biggest service out of any plan you choose!

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