Charlie Charlie Online Game: Everything You Need To Know.


Heard of the trending Charlie Charlie Online Game?

Two days ago, the Charlie Charlie online game went viral. Much hoopla and hype were made about this game sending it trending number 1 on the Twitter trend table, memes made and shared on various social media websites, and over two hundred thousand participants in all corners of the Nigerian city!


Everyone with information, two pencils, a paper, and zilch fear, participated in this game of pencils and paper and yes or no and some even say demons!


This game called the Charlie Charlie game has similarities with the ouija board and like the ouija board, this game did not just get invented two days ago, instead, it has been in existence for ages.



This article will not only guide you on how to play the Charlie Charlie game or Charlie Charlie pencil challenge, but it will also explain everything you need to know including the Charlie Charlie game rules in Hindi, history like how did Charlie Charlie die, and even facts like the spookiest Charlie Charlie game, and whether or not the Charlie Charlie game works.


Read on.


How Did Charlie Charlie Die?

Charlie Charlie Online Game

There are three main stories of Charlie Charlie’s death. However, no one can verify if any of these stories are true, just as they can not exactly verify if this game exactly works.


The first story of Charlie Charlie’s death is about a kid who killed himself, or committed suicide if you like euphemisms. The reason for his suicide is just as unknown as why the Bermuda triangle exists.


The second tale about this kid, Charlie Charlie’s death, is that he was a victim of a fatal car crash. It is said that no one exactly survived in that ghastly car accident.


And the third tale which is most controversial and frowned upon especially by Mexicans is that Charlie Charlie was a Mexican deity who now works in cahoots with the Christian devil; Satan. 


Charlie Charlie History.

Charlie Charlie Online Game

The Charlie Charlie game has a lot of weird names and even more disturbing history. Not exactly like crazy spiritual stuff, but a majority conceded to the fact that it’s simply a modern superstition and that it originated in a Spanish schoolyard. Disturbing because one wouldn’t exactly expect this generation to believe in superstitions, let alone make theirs.


The Charlie Charlie game has been nicknamed a pauper’s ouija board as it’s very simplistic compared to the Ouija board or any other seance materials. 


Its original name was Juego de la paicera before being turned to the sing-song, Charlie Charlie.


How to play the Charlie Charlie game.

Charlie Charlie Online Game

Playing the Charlie Charlie online game is quite simplistic. You don’t exactly need to buy a board or organize an over top seance. You just need the same materials required for a pop quiz; a piece of paper and two pencils.


Two pencils for a pop quiz? Actually, yes. The other as a back up if the lid of the first one breaks midway. This is a life hack.


Alright, back to Charlie Charlie. To play this game, spread out your paper on an even desk, evenly divide the paper vertically and horizontally, then write out Yes and No in opposite corners so when the pencil moves, it only selects one option instead of two. 


Afterward, place the pencils on top of each other to form an X and then your pauper ouija board is ready for summoning the ghost of Charlie Charlie.


Charlie Charlie Game rules/ Charlie Charlie game rules in Hindi.

Charlie Charlie Online Game

Like every other game, be it Hide And Go Seek, Chess, Call Of Duty, or Candy Crush there are rules and the Charlie Charlie game is no exception.


However, to play this game, it is highly imperative to adhere to all rules, for untold doom has been said to happen to players who did not.


The rules of the Charlie Charlie game include:


  1. Begin recording.
  2. Ask the questions “Charlie Charlie, are you there?”
  3. Then ask your questions.
  4. While waiting for the pencil to move, you can add a little extra by singing the already sing-song name in creepy manners.
  5. Depending on the results you could underreact or overreact.
  6. Then you can upload your video.
  7. History says that those who refused to tell Charlie Charlie goodbye were haunted or killed by his ghost. Be polite and say goodbye to Charlie either or not you believe it.


Charlie Charlie game on Twitter.

Charlie Charlie Online Game

The Charlie Charlie game as at one point or another home viral on Twitter in different countries. Statistics say it has been tweeted over eight million times cumulatively. 


The Charlie Charlie game usually rises like a ghost, enrapturing everyone, and then dies down again, only to show up in another country’s Twitter feed after a couple of months. 

Two days ago, it was Twitter NG who was enraptured by the sensation. 


Dominican Twitter has been said to be the first country to ensure it goes viral. However, this claim isn’t entirely verified yet.


While the sensation was in Twitter NG for the first time this year, it may be fun to find out which country’s Twitter feed, Charlie Charlie might appear next time.


Charlie Charlie Face.

Charlie Charlie Online Game

No one exactly knows what Charlie Charlie looks like. From the three stories, some people think he looks like a pale kid with a rope around his neck, others say he is a bloodied mutilated kid with piercing eyes and some say he is a demon; the devil wears red overall, has two horns, wields a pitchfork and isn’t exactly difficult to spot.


However, these descriptions are mere speculations. Players of the Charlie Charlie game have, however, giving graphic detail of how they felt during and after the game.


Some say it felt chilly and they could feel Charlie Charlie’s breath upon them, others say they felt his presence so strong, they found it difficult to move.


Neither of these claims has been verified, but of course, it may be fun to try out!


What is the spookiest Charlie Charlie game?

Charlie Charlie Online Game

One of the spookiest Charlie Charlie games in history has been said to be performed by Youtuber Dr. Jonathan Peerc. Dr. Jonathan decided to debunk the teenage craze, Charlie Charlie, and supposedly reinstate people’s lost sanity. However, things snowballed out of control rather quickly. The game escalated, went out of control, and was dubbed the scariest Charlie Charlie game ever!


The video is available on the youtube channel Don’t Turn Around. You could go watch, but of course, viewers discretion is advised.


Does The Charlie Charlie Game Work?

The validity of the genuineness of the Charlie Charlie game is highly contested. There have been players who have recounted horrifying experiences from playing the game, the experience of Dr. Jonathan Peerc.

Also, there have been players who realized rather quickly that it was only a hoax.

Other explanations include the myth that Charlie Charlie himself chooses whether or not to appear unto its summoners.


However, there is the science factor. Two pencils placed on top of each other will move, due to underlying factors such as:

  1. The elements; wind.
  2. The pencils are not exactly even.
  3. The desk could be slanted etc.


If one however wants to dabble into the occultic world of seances, you could try even deeper stuff like crystal balls and the Ouija board which the Charlie Charlie game is said to be a caricature of.



  1. Should I play the Charlie Charlie game? To play the game depends on your willingness to take risks of it being real or you being disappointed.
  2. What are other similar games to the Charlie Charlie game? Alternatives to the Charlie Charlie game include the Ouija board or petty school pen games.
  3. Does the Charlie Charlie game truly work? Some say it does and others say it’s a hoax, be a tiebreaker and find out!
  4. Where did the Charlie Charlie challenge come from? The Charlie Charlie challenge is said to have originated from a schoolyard in Spain.
  5. Why does the pencil spin? The pencil spins either because of the Ghost of Charlie Charlie or because of the elements.




Superstitions may be fun to try out but some of them may just turn out to be the real deal. If it isn’t the real deal, acting out and editing the perfect Charlie Charlie Video may just help you get that audience you desire on your social media page.


You could ask Charlie Charlie questions like,

  1. Will I become rich?
  2. Does my crush like me back?
  3. Is my lover cheating on me? 



If you believe the Charlie Charlie game is childish, you may want to buy an actual ouija board. This board has pointers inside the glass and its results can not be tampered with by the elements. The board isn’t electronic either! That may just be the real thing.


This article has explained everything you need to know about the Charlie’s Charlie online game, you can then try it out yourself by drawing the board, or downloading one of the apps on the Google play store.


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